Microbial Community Analysis


A census of the microbes – good and bad – growing in your system.


Microbial Community Analysis (MCA)

Get real insights into your biomass composition.

A microbial community analysis, microbiome analysis or microbial census – whatever you call it – describes the composition of your biomass in ways that microscopic exams, ATP meters and other technologies can't.

Our Environmental Genomics Microbial Community Analysis (MCA) uses high-througput, next-generation sequencing technology to identify the microbes present in your biomass. We work hard to get you results in 7 to 10 business days in a form that is useful for operators.

Operators use our MCAs to:

  • Monitor nitrification and phosphorus removal
  • Track problematic filaments
  • Get a handle on the causes of foaming or bulking

And we don't stop with the report. We work with operators to help them interpret the data in a way that is useful for their specific system.

Typical Municipal Biomass Composition

Genus AOB NOB NRB SOB SRB PAO GAO EPS Foaming Filaments Methylotrophs
Sulfuritalea 4.6                    
Acidovorax 2.9                    
Ca_Accumulibacter 2.7                    
Ca_Microthrix 2.7                  
Trichococcus 2.6                    
Ottowia 2.3                  
Terrimonas 2.3                    
Nitrotoga 1.7                    
Streptococcus 1.4                    
Nitrospira 1.4                    
Dokdonella 1.3                    
Nitrosomonas 1.2                  
Tetrasphaera 1.2                  
Rhodobacter 1.1                      
Hyphomicrobium 0.8                
Dechloromonas 0.8                  
Arcobacter 0.8                      
Lautropia 0.8                    
Ca_Competibacter 0.6                    


Simplified Sample Collection

Operators are busy. Difficult sample collection and shipping protocols just slow them down on the job. That's why we've developed a sample collection kit that is quick and easy to use. Just add ~2 milliliters of mixed liquor or other biomass (~500 gm/L or higher) to our sample preservation solution, shake to mix, and ship it out in a padded envelope. No ice or ice chest required.

If you have low-biomass samples, such as clarifier effluent, we can still help. Just contact our lab for advice on the best way to collect and ship your samples.